What is Vienna Shares?

We are a non-profit organisation in Vienna, founded in the summer of 2014. Vienna Shares sets out to bring people together and contribute to a sustainable city. By creating a space for sharing and exchanging goods, skills and ideas on a local level, we aim to reduce waste and strengthen the community of Vienna.

What does Vienna Shares do exactly?

We cooperate with other Vienna-based organisations who share our goals. Together, we host neighbourhood events. These events give the people of Vienna the chance to experience sharing and exchanging right in front of their doorstep. Furthermore, we organise community meetings and workshops to unite the people behind such organisations and create an atmosphere where new ideas can develop faster by working together. We believe that these activities help to build a more sustainable and liveable city.

How can I help?

Vienna Shares is always on the lookout for good locations for our neighbourhood events. So, if you are hosting a (street) festival, organising a flea market or whatever else and you are looking for partners, drop us a line.

Of course, we appreciate new ideas and a helping hand every now and then. If you want to get involved, just contact us.