DIY Deodorant

In the past years, there have been many claims and controversies regarding the aluminium salts used in mainstream deodorants. It has been said that aluminium salts could be a factor contributing to breast cancer. Although the evidence is not conclusive yet, there have been more and more findings indicating that it could indeed be dangerous for our health (for more information on the topic, see here and here).

Yet, the absence of firm scientific proof is not a reason not to be careful and look for alternatives. While buying organic deodorants in stores or in pharmacies can end up being quite costly, easy and affordable alternatives exist.

You can, for example, whip up your own deodorant in less than 15 minutes with very simple ingredients that (for the most part at least) you can already find in your kitchen.


For that, you will need:
4.5g of beewax
40g of coconut oil
30g of baking soda
16g of cornstarch
– 20 drops of palmarosa essential oil (or a mix of lemon and tea tree essential oils)
6 drops of vitamin E

The purpose of a deodorant is double: it should regulate excessive perspiration and prevent the appearance and spread of bacteria responsible for unpleasant smells. In that sense, each ingredient in this recipe has a specific role. The coconut oil protects and moisturizes the skin and has a strong antibacterial effect. The baking soda is antibacterial as well and it also absorbs odour. The cornstarch helps against perspiration (it “soaks up” the moisture). The Palmarosa essential oil could be used as a deodorant on its own, it is the best essential oil against perspiration and odours. (When going on holidays, just bring this essential oil, it doesn’t take any space and works very well on its own.) It regulates skin moisture and oil production and has very strong antibacterial properties. Plus, it has a very nice smell. The beewax helps give texture to the deodorant and prevents it from melting when it gets warm. It also protects the delicate parts of your skin. The Vitamin E protects your skin against free radicals and it also helps in the conservation of the deodorant.

Now you are ready to start!

Begin by melting the beewax and the coconut oil in a double boiler/au bain marie. I usually use a glass container (it could be the empty glass jar of your spaghetti sauce for instance!) and put it in a small pan filled with a little bit of water. Heat the pan gently and stir until both are completely melted.

Add the 6 drops of vitamin E and take the jar out of the pan. Add the baking soda and the cornstarch and mix them up. Lastly, add the 20 drops of palmarosa and stir again. It’s done!

Quickly transfer the preparation to a container of your choice (you can reuse an empty plastic or glass body lotion container for instance), wait for about half an hour for it to cool down and your deodorant is ready for use! Depending on the colour of your corn flower, the deodorant might be white or yellow.


You can basically use it like a lotion: take a knob of it between your fingers and spread it onto your armpits. Wait a few seconds for the cream to penetrate and you are ready to start your day! It shouldn’t normally stain your clothes (and if it does, the stains will wash off easily in the washing machine). The deodorant can be conserved up to three months without any problems.

If you have been using “normal” deodorant for a very long time, your body might need a few days to adapt to this new one. Also, your body is made to perspire, this is natural and healthy. This deodorant won’t stop perspiration completely, but it will prevent the bad odours and it will leave you with healthy, soft and nice-smelling armpits! Enjoy!

*Note: You should be careful with any type of essential oils during pregnancy, make sure to check the essential oils’ properties if this is the case.

This recipe is based on:

By: Teresa Iglesias