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Making it at Werksalon

It’s getting exciting – our new mobile NoMoneyZone is going to be built next month! The winning team, Julia, Gerulf and Christian, will be turning their concept into reality at Werksalon, who are not only kindly providing part of their facilities but also their technical know-how. Since they’re the kind of initiative we really like, we thought we’d present them to you.


Werksalon is a Co-Making Space in Vienna’s 22nd district where people can come together to create, design, build and tinker to their hearts’ desire. The term “Co-Making Space” was coined by the people behind the project, Antoinette Rhomberg and Martin Papouschek. It’s the first of its kind in Vienna and the owners hope it will play a part in making Austrians a bit more hands-on. “We got a lot of our inspiration while travelling the US,” Antoinette told us. “Here, if somebody’s saying they’re doing DIY stuff it usually means they’re going to paint something. In terms of a ‘scene’ and shared facilities for bigger DIY projects in carpentry and design, Austria’s years behind the States.”
Martin explains that he had always enjoyed creating things and assembling furniture, before deciding at 27 to start an apprenticeship in carpentry. “If you really want to know what you’re doing regarding working with machinery and all kinds of materials and tools, that’s the way to go.”

Martin Papouschek

The idea for a co-working space for carpenters came to them early on. Antoinette provided the administrative expertise through her degree in business administration, something she thinks was extremely helpful “in order not to get lost in all the administrative and legal details necessary for setting up a business”.
Having already set up a business plan and scouted for locations in Vienna while Martin finished his education as master craftsman, they embarked on a trip around the world to get some more inspiration and advice for their project. Eventually, they settled for the location in Donaustadt where the Werksalon opened its doors in 2013. And it’s not just a place where the handicraft-savvy get together to work on projects – even those who think of themselves as hopeless when it comes to DIY (like yours truly) can get introductions to working with all kinds of tools and materials!
Stay tuned to read all about the latest developments and designs of the NoMoneyZone, including our very own first steps into woodworking!

You can get a free tour at Werksalon every Thursday at 18.30! Sign up here.
For more info on Werksalon, look here or here.

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