Natural Beauty – Kitchen scraps for your hair

After introducing beauty secrets for your skin in the last article, we are now looking at simple recipes that will give your hair some extra care or even a new colour shade – without buying expensive products at the drug store. Just try some of our recommendations and you will definitely be surprised how easy it is to avoid chemicals! For our recipes, you will be able to use your kitchen scraps or things you have already at home – what a nice coincidence ;)

Care and Glow
1. Honey is a very popular ingredient for hair masks as it helps damaged hair to recover. Mix ¼ cup of raw honey with water until you have a paste that can be applied to your hair. Your hair needs to be damp, let the honey sit for 30 min. Then rinse with warm water. As an alternative, use a mixture of honey (¼ cup) and apple vinegar (10 tablespoons) to get some extra care! Rinse after 15 minutes – your hair will be soft and shiny! The smell of vinegar will go away as soon as your hair is dry.
2. Both also work on their own, but combined they will have an even higher impact on your soon-to-be amazing hair: egg yolk and olive oil. Mix two egg yolks and two tablespoons of olive oil, add some water and massage it into your scalp. Your hair should be wet before you apply the mixture. After 15-20 minutes, rinse well with lukewarm water.

Lighten your hair
Summer is already here and you want a fresh look for your hair? Maybe some highlights? Just try the following tricks to lighten your hair naturally!
1. Chamomile tea is the most gentle way to lighten your hair. The lighter your original hair colour already is, the quicker you will see results. Boil some water, steep the tea bag for at least 10 minutes and let your tea cool down. Rinse your hair with it and leave it on for 15 minutes. For even more lightening, repeat 2-3x before washing your hair!
2. Using lemon juice is also an effective way to lighten your hair. Mix a cup of water and two tablespoons of lemon juice, wet your hair, apply the mixture and sit in the sun if possible to enhance the results. For highlights just apply it to certain spots.

Dye your hair
1. The advantages of coffee grounds were already introduced in the article for healthier skin, but they can also help people with darker hair to intensify their colour and make it shiny again. Apply the coffee grounds directly to your hair, massage them in and leave them on for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse. As an alternative you can also use cold strong black coffee or black tea (see chamomile tea for instructions!).
2. Onion skin can help you achieve a nice brown hair colour. For medium-long hair you need around 100 g of onion skin, which you boil in 250 ml of water. Let it steep until you have your desired shade, filter it and let the liquid cool off. If you want you can add an egg yolk for consistency and extra hair care. Apply the mixture to your head, let it stay there for a few minutes, then rinse with clear water. Repeat if necessary!
3. Another easy method for a darker hair colour: potato peelings! Just boil a cup of potato peels for 5 minutes in two cups of water, then let it cool. Filter, add some drops of oil and you are ready to go. The amount will be enough for two rinses. Then wash your hair with water.

These recipes give only a small insight into what can actually be done without chemical products! You might need to repeat some procedures though within a certain period of time before results become visible.

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By Jana Brosch