Vienna Shares helps you make your home a palace

Vienna Home Deco Guide

With autumn on your doorstep, we are here to help you make your living space a cozy palace.

We’ve collected our favorite (online) sources to help you decorate your home, without having to buy a bunch of brand new, ready-made things.


Vienna Shares helps you make your home a palace
Vienna Shares helps you make your home a palace.       © Thomas Wolf,


Making and hacking

Always a good place to start: instructables. A huge database of DIY projects with clear instructions and ratings. Techniques and topics range from sewing, welding and woodworking, to 3D-printing and mechatronics.

On the DIY network you’ll also find a bunch of how-to-guides including a large section on upcycling projects.

Got your family’s IKEA hand-me-downs? Make them into something original with the help of the enthusiasts at ikeahackers. You’ll find ways to impress with the boring LACK table as well as a bunch of tips and tricks to combine the parts of different furniture.



If building something from scratch is a little bit too much for you, you can always buy second hand and make it your own. These are our tips for Vienna:

Of course, you know about willhaben. But did you know there’s a secret option to look for free things? Once you’ve selected a category on the ‘Marktplatz’ you will find the option ‘zu verschenken’ under the price indicator on the left side. We recommend it over all those Facebook groups where things are gone before you’ve actually taken a look at them, and the notifications drive you crazy.

Flea markets are always a good place to find treasures. Since we all know that the one on Naschmarkt is overrated, we recommend you try your luck at the Hallenflohmarkt in Simmering or in the second district at the flea market in the Stadion Center.

If you don’t want to travel so far out, you might want stop by at the large thrift store Carla in the fifth district. Carla is a part of Caritas, and they also have big branches in the 10th and the 21st.

If you don’t care about low-budget, but love pretty things, then take a peek in the Glasfabrik. A vintage and antiques shop in Ottakring.



Whether you just want to hang up your new second hand framed poster, give your chairs a new colour, or actually intend to build a closet by yourself, you are going to need some tools. No need to buy them though. After all, you need a hole, not a drill ;)

You can rent most tools through usetwice. And more and more is becoming available at the ‘library of things’ Leila in Ottakring as well.

However, we strongly suggest you just ask your neighbours. Become a member neighbourhood community network FragNebenan (it’s free) and just swing your request into your online neighbourhood. Works every time and helps you turn anonymous faces into friendly neighbours. Plus, what other social network sends its new members a personally signed postcard?

Need something bigger than a drill? An entire workshop maybe? Get a membership at co-making space Werksalon in the 22nd, check out your options at CO-SPACE DIY, or stop by in the open source workspace FabLab/Selbermacherei in the 5th district.


Alright, those are our best recommendations. Now, go forth and make something!

(If you’re not impressed, then please send us your tips! After all, we love sharing ;))


By: Mirjam de Klepper