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Your 10-step guide to a successful Clothes Swap

It’s a fact. We keep clothes in our wardrobe we know we are never going to wear again. We store outfits in colours we liked during this one experimental fashion phase five years ago, cardigans we purchased on sale but which never really fitted and jeans we just don’t wear because we have three other pairs we simply prefer. But why should we actually hold on to these clothing items and hide them in the back of our closets? Wouldn’t it be better to share them with people who actually make use of them? The best way to do so is to get people together and have a clothing swap!
The main idea is to exchange and reuse clothes that are still in good condition! Clothes swapping will not only give you the motivation to finally clear out your closet, but will also upgrade your wardrobe and give you new inspiration. In addition, you contribute to saving resources and won’t need to spend any money on your new outfit as a clothing swap is a perfect alternative to shopping.

How to organize a clothing swap:
1. Open your closet and realize you need to change something about the mass of clothes you never wear.
2. Decide on what you would like to get rid of.
3. Set the time and place and send out invitations. Specify beforehand what can be swapped (in this case preferably clothes, but the swap range can nevertheless be extended individually). Make sure participants only bring clean clothes which can still be worn.

At the clothing swap:
4. Depending on the number of people and bags of clothes they brought, figure out a system to arrange the items (type of clothing, colour, size, season, etc.) Put up enough tables or hanging rails to display the clothes. Don’t forget a mirror!
5. Decide on a swap strategy (take as much as you want, bring 5 items – take 5 items, lottery system for especially popular clothes, etc.).
6. Let the fun begin! Take turns at trying on the shirts, trousers, jackets, skirts, scarfs, shoes, dresses, etc. You will be surprised what was hidden in your friend’s closet for such a long time!
7. Choose your favourites and negotiate on items several people are interested.
8. Hurray, you got yourself some awesome “new“ clothes! And now you even have space in your closet for them!

After the clothing swap:
9. Gather all the remaining items and donate them.
10. Think about what else you might be able to swap (books, movies, ideas, etc.) and at the next event you might be exchanging something different than clothes.

Written by Jana Brosch
Photo by Mirjam de Klepper