Bruno and Lana: Searching for Sustainability Street in Vienna

21.500 km. 20 countries. 1 documentary. Sharing discoveries and information about living sustainably throughout their journey. This is the goal of Bruno and Lana: two explorers shooting a movie all over the world, looking for a new way of living. Their search for ‘sustainability street’ led them to Vienna. Here’s their view on sharing.

How can we face today’s challenges without compromising the future of our planet? And how can we do this without leaving behind our modern society and basically go live in a cave? Although Bruno and I have a heart for sustainability, we didn’t have an exact answer to these questions. We do buy most of our stuff organic, we don’t have a car, we use resources in a conscious way, etc. But at a certain point, it didn’t seem enough anymore. We wanted to learn more about ways to live more sustainably, to take it to the next level. After a lot of brainstorming and changing plans we decided to hit the road in search of sustainability street.

During one year, we’re traveling across Europe and Asia to find people who can teach us about their own path in search of sustainability and about how they put their ideas of sustainability into practice. We share our discoveries and our (meta)physical journey through various channels, because we’re convinced sharing is caring. Through a documentary, a blog and social networks, we hope to inspire others to pause and reflect upon our contemporary lifestyle and maybe even approach things differently.

Up till now, the wind has taken us to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, and we’re happy to have made a stop in beautiful Vienna to learn about Vienna Shares. We’ve filmed during and after the Streetlife Festival, in which Vienna Shares took part with a creative interactive stand to trigger passers-by to learn more about the gift economy and no money zones. People could for example make their own money, with several alternative currencies as an example (for example the Bristol Pound), or give feedback about sharing initiatives in a 3D paper town set-up.

It has triggered us as well – learning about all the sharing initiatives that exist in Vienna alone. What creative minds the city has, what beautiful alternatives to consumerism have developed here. At your fingertips you can share food, tools, workspace, bicycles, gardens, etc. It’s practical, but, more importantly, it brings people together. But sharing doesn’t only enhance social cohesion, it also creates less necessity to consume. And consuming less means producing less means polluting less.

Conclusion? In our opinion, the gift economy plays an important role in paving the road to sustainability. We need to buy less and share more. Period.

Lana & Bruno – Searching for Sustainability Street

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