Free online tools we really like and love to share

Sure, we all love candy crush, cute cat pictures and #Kardashian, and we all know how much time these online hobbies can take up. Therefore Vienna Shares has composed this list of free online tools that actually save time, and leave you more time to stream tv series learn about international politics #urwelcome.

Dividing the bill
Going on holidays with friends or living in a shared flat can lead to complicated financial chaos. This calculator helps you structure what you’ve spent and shows you exactly who owes whom what. (Make sure to switch the language to English.)

Doing research
Whether you need to do research or want to figure out your party guests favourite foods and worst allergies, this tool allows you to make beautiful and simple questionnaires and polls.

Want to make a cool invitation or an easy poster for your event? Here you can design everything from FB-headers to powerpoints to actual posters in a few clicks. The options are endless and most of it is free.

Working on a team project, but no time for endless (skype) meetings? Cooperate through Trello. A pinboard that allows you to share everything, make timelines, divide tasks, etc. If you are still getting stuck in decision making, you might wanna try Loomio. Though still in beta, it might help speed up the entire process.
This could be the end of confused group e-mailing!

This service offers you the chance to build easy and attractive websites without any programming. A great way to try out your blog or offer your portfolio. Want people to stay updated? Add a free mailchimp account to get your e-mail list going.

Implemented all? Go get your reward.

By Mirjam de Klepper