Göttin des Glücks – starting a cooperative for fairer fashion

Viennese fashion brand Göttin des Glücks needs your help! Become a member of their cooperative to support ethical fashion and social change.

Göttin des Glücks is a fair fashion pioneer in Austria. For over ten years now, they have been working hard to produce clothing under fairer conditions than is the norm in this highly globalized and exploitative industry. Now they are trying to start a cooperative in order to achieve the growth they consider necessary to stay in business and continue the fight for better fashion.

Göttin des Glücks started as the enthusiastic project of four designers who back in 2005/6 began designing clothes under the motto “Danke mir geht’s gut”. When the time came to decide whether to take the project further, the founders decided to place sustainability and fair trade at the core of their enterprise. That’s how the Göttin des Glücks was born in 2007.

The Göttin’s clothes are made of fabrics produced in FAIRTRADE cooperatives in India and imported in collaboration with EZA Fairer Handel. The products are “fair trade” certified, which means that the supply chain is fully transparent and the workers in India fairly compensated. Göttin des Glücks clothes also have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. They are made of organic, non-toxic cotton in whose production a series of environmental standards apply (you can read more about their products here).

Producing green and fair fashion seems to come with a lot of challenges in today’s market, however. According to Göttin des Glücks founder Lisa Muhr, sustainable fashion is still a niche market, limited by the small number of potential partners that comply with the necessary ethical and environmental standards and by the higher costs of such production, which also makes prices for the end consumer higher. In the fast fashion world of ruthless competition, it is difficult for labels that promote alternative ways to survive.

In addition, Göttin des Glücks has faced a whole series of setbacks of its own, with founders leaving the enterprise, an important production partner closing down unexpectedly, and so on. In order to get the business back on its feet and help it reach its “healthy economic size”, the owners have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to establish a cooperative.

The cooperative should help raise fresh capital to finance the Göttin’s growth plans that will finally make it self-sustainable. The plan is to increase product variety, support regional textile production through new partnerships, and improve marketing by creating a franchise system for shops and improving online operations. They also intend to do educational work in schools and to organize awareness raising campaigns to promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

Interested? You can become a cooperative member by buying one or more 100 euro shares. This gives you a vote in all decisions about the future activities of the cooperative.

Read more and join the cooperative here.

If the necessary capital of 200,000 euro is raised and the cooperative founded, the Göttin des Glücks management expect to implement their plans within two years. Eventually the company and the cooperative will merge, and cooperative members will have a say in the management of operations and in how surplus revenue is used.

You need more reasons to join? Göttin des Glücks is a prominent member of the economy for the common good movement that we’ve already presented. They advocate for transformation not only in fashion, but in society at large. Also, they were among the participants of the Fair Fashion Show Vienna Shares organized this past weekend. And we like cooperatives, as we explain here. So hurry up and become a member, you only have until the end of February!

By: Daniela Atanasova

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