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The NoMoneyZone is an interactive landscape in public space where people can experience and learn about all the things you can do without money. We share and give away skills and items, promote other organizations that share and contribute to urban well-being, and of course offer concrete answers and solutions to questions from passers-by. Over all, we invite people to make sharing and exchanging a daily and uncomplicated part of life.
So far, the NoMoneyZone consisted of a random collection of borrowed folding tables, benches and chairs (and the occasional ironing board), which we all had to transport on foot, bike or by tram.
Our new Mobile NoMoneyZone has been built! We’ll go on tour soon!

The GrätzlOase project series, hosted by Lokale Agenda 21, has made it possible for us to change things for the better. They gave us the chance to challenge you to design and build a beautiful, sustainable and practical mobile NoMoneyZone for us. Are you ready to share your idea?

What can you do? What could you have done?

It’s pretty simple – in this competition, we’re looking for a design for a new Mobile NoMoneyZone that helps us and you share stuff and skills in the future. Got an idea? Participate!



  • Actual development of your Mobile NoMoneyZone design
  • All the materials for the realisation of your idea
  • Expert consultation by Martin Papouschek (founder and carpenter at Werksalon)
  • One month membership at Werksalon
  • 1.000€ effort compensation for your team


Honorable Mention

  • One month membership at Maker Austria
  • Feature of the design on Vienna Shares homepage



Competition opening Thursday, October 1st 2015

Submission Deadline Saturday, November 29th 2015, 11:59pm

Jury meeting December 2015

Announcement winning team + Building phase Winter 2016

NoMoneyZone Presentation Spring 2016