#FightForFairFashion: Report of our Fair Fashion Show

True or false? Finding fair and sustainably produced fashion from Austria is super difficult. Answer: False! In fact, it is super easy. As we demonstrated at the #fightforfairfashion Fashion Show!

As you probably heard – or if you were lucky, saw with your own eyes – Vienna Shares organised a Fair Fashion Show on the 24th of February at the Angewandte Innovation Lab. A fun, and may we say… glamourous, way of discovering fair and sustainable fashion from local designers and shops!

We had the chance to exclusively present the new spring collections of Anukoo and Göttin des Gücks, to introduce you to some of the different labels sold at the store Green Ground, and to present some of the original pieces of Combinat (a store combining and selling the collections of four designers: Iam You, Pitour, ARTISTA and AQUANAUTA). We also got to feature some of the enchanting dresses designed by Pia Mia and a few of km/a’s extraordinary pieces, as well as to show off the bestsellers of the recycling design label MILCH!

The Fair Fashion Show was organised in cooperation with ARA Innovation Space who coordinated the entire Circular Fashion Week (19-24 February).The main goal of the week? Exploring solutions and new ways of thinking about the fashion industry. Currently, fashion comes at a very high human and environmental cost. During this different kind of Fashion Week, we set out to discover what can be done by every one of us to make a change and what alternatives already exist out there.

Our Fair Fashion Show closed the Circular Fashion Week and we can definitely say it was a real success! Without any money, we managed to run and organise the entire show only with volunteers, which make us even prouder of our team! Because our models, make-up artists and DJ definitely did an amazing job. If you liked the show or if you missed it, stay tuned, we might organize another one later this year!

Credits for the pictures: Jonathan Clark
For more pictures: see here!