NoMoneyZone #1 – A Report

On Saturday the 18th of October Vienna Shares joined forces with Salatpiraten for their Herbstfest – including wonderful food from their own harvest and a fresh delivery from Foodsharing Wien. Yum! Together, we had a great afternoon in the 7th district in Vienna. For us, this event meant the kick-off of our NoMoneyZone. Exciting times!

Whilst Leila – Vienna’s first borrowing store – shared its story, and CO-SPACE experimented with exchanging services, Vienna Shares’ NoMoneyZone welcomed you to an Exchange Table, a Skills Corner and a Creativity Hub.

The services offered in the NoMoneyZone Skills Corner proved to be quite the hit. Not only did our volunteers share their talents, as it turned out, many of you were up for trying their hand at a new skill as well. After all, giving a hair cut or ironing shirts is a lot easier when there a natural talent present to teach you how to do it right. Also, who wouldn’t want to get his shirts ironed perfectly, when all you need to do in return is giving an easy-peasy hair cut?

Somewhat surprisingly, our Creativity Hub, where you could contribute to our community painting, improve your origami talent and share your wisdoms in our guest book, drew even more attention than our Exchange Table, filled with books, food and other items. Creative activities and sharing ideas trumped were more popular than ‘free stuff’. Who would’ve thought? ;)

Vienna Shares did notice though that you seemed to be a bit shy about exchanging things at the Share Table. We wonder why. Did you find it hard to decide whether the goods you want to exchange are worth the same? Is it difficult to tell whether a service, a joke or recipe might actually be worth the same as something you can use, wear or eat? Or are we are just so used to money, that we have come to need it to tell us how to value and appreciate the things around us?

At our Exchange Table we found out that everyone values different things. Sharing and exchanging things is based on personal preferences and needs. After all, one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. We all know the joy of finding a bargain, right?

Finally, we’d like to thank you all for your positive feedback and interest during our first Vienna Shares NoMoneyZone. Your presence was inspiring and has greatly motivated us to keep sharing. See you in the next NoMoneyZone!

By: Annika Zech & Mirjam de Klepper