Vienna Shares | the knowledge and know-how hub for sharing (in) the city

In cooperation with the Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development (RCE) we collect and write material concerning social, sharing, circular and sustainable economies. We combine academic insights with on-the-ground cases both from Vienna and around the world.

We invent creative ways to spark the dialogue about a social sharing economy in the city. From urban interventions, academic workshops and interactive performances to blogs, board games and panel discussions. We adapt our projects to the people we work with.

Sharing (in) the city.
The people in and around Vienna already share so much with each other, but a lot of this sharing is hidden, or so integrated into our daily lives it’s hard to recognize as sharing. We want to show how much we share already, so that we can create new opportunities to share more.
Because a sharing city is a smart city.