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Natural beauty. How give your skin a health boost with kitchen scraps

Beauty products are often quite expensive, consist of ingredients we cannot even pronounce and leave us without the promised results stated on the label. That’s why today we will introduce you to some tricks for a more natural skincare. The best thing is – you are able to use things you already have at home. Your kitchen will suddenly become a beauty salon and your skin will thank you for the additional attention!

Coffee: Throwing out the coffee grounds from today’s morning coffee? Not so fast! You can easily make your own peeling by mixing coffee grounds and olive oil together. Put both ingredients in a bowl and stir until you have a nice paste. You can also add some honey. While showering, apply the self-made peeling on your wet skin! Rinse it off and enjoy the smoothness! As an alternative you can also mix eight teaspoons of coffee grounds with each two tablespoons of curd cheese and honey. You can use this recipe as a facial mask (leave it on for ten minutes) or as a body peeling.

Green tea: If you are preparing some green tea, do not only drink it, but also use it as a face tonic. It will make your skin firm and helps preventing blemishes.

Lemon: So, we all know it. You are cooking something and only a few drops of lemon juice are required. What to do with the rest? Next time, use the leftover lemon juice as a face tonic to prevent oily skin and wrinkles. Put a few driblets of lemon juice into water and apply it on your skin. You can also make a facial mask with one egg yolk, one teaspoon of olive oil and some lemon juice. Mix the ingredients, put the mask on and wash it off after ten minutes. If you have impure skin, use the combination of lemon juice and sugar to create a peeling. You need one lemon and two teaspoons of sugar. Leave it on your face only for a few minutes. Lemon juice can also be applied directly and undiluted to wrinkles or blemishes, but be careful if you have sensitive skin. Never get lemon into your eyes, it will definitely hurt! Last but not least, put several lemon peels and/or some lemon juice into your bathwater and enjoy not only the refreshing scent, but also your soft skin and relaxed mind afterwards.

Find out next week what onions, potatoes and other vegetables can do for your hair.

Do you have any skincare secrets you want to share?

By: Jana Brosch