This competition is set up to involve the local community in the design and build of the next generation Mobile NoMoneyZone for the summer season of 2016. The Vienna Shares Mobile NoMoneyZone is a temporary and portable set-up for the urban environment. It encourages dialogue and direct action when it comes to sharing, exchanging and collaborative consumption in the community.


Your team should at least consist of one or more members with a background in architecture, urban design, product design and/or engineering. Interns and students of these disciplines are eligible as well.

To be considered your entry must meet the following requirements:

  1. an A2 PDF with all drawings, images and technical details
  2. provide a 1000 character text with the project description

Submission Criteria

  • feasibility / manufacturability in given timeframe
  • innovation
  • adaptability into urban space
  • usage of sustainable material and resources
  • inclusion of up-/recycled material
  • ease of transportation

Competition rules

  1. Deadline for Submission: The deadline for final entry submission is November 29th 2015, 11:59pm CET
  2. Type of submissions: This is a design competition, which is intended to encourage participants to plan, design and build a mobile NoMoneyZone that meets the key criteria for submission.
  3. Credit to participants: Submissions must give full credit to all participants involved in the participants’ submission.
  4. Choice of Winner(s): The participants agree that the competition jury have the right to choose any proposals/ideas they feel best represent the criteria for the mobile NoMoneyZone and the intent of the competition. If, by the competition deadline, the jury decides that none of the entries effectively represent the aim of the competition, proponents agree that Vienna Shares has the right to extend the competition deadline to increase the number of proponents for possible selection.
  5. By submitting your idea, you agree to the publication of your entered design through the usual publication channels of Vienna Shares, including our website, Twitter and Facebook. You also agree that your idea and design might be published by our media partners.
  6. If you win the competition, you are obliged to build your design properly and sustainably within the set time frame.
  7. If you win the competition, you agree that your final product is property of Lokale Agenda 21 – Wien, under their project Gr├Ątzeloase 2015. This is in accordance to the conditions of the contract that Vienna Shares has signed with this funding institution.